Exhibition Wintergarden, Galerie Christinger De Mayo, Zürich. August 26 - October 2, 2010.


Johanna Unzueta «Wintergarden»
Exhibition: 26 August till 2 October 2010, Opening: Wednesday 25 August 6 – 8 pm The artist will be attending the opening.

The gallery Christinger De Mayo is pleased to present for the season opening a solo exhibition by the Chilean artist Johanna Unzueta (*1974). The show in the gallery premises is the first part of a two-part project that will find its conclusion with a solo presentation at the Art Positions at Art Basel Miami Beach in December.

“Wintergarden” is a self-contained space used by Johanna Unzueta for a subtle questioning of reality. The tools of the artist felt, wood, drawing and video are thereby uncovering a truth behind the truth of which we always surmised that it exists.
The moon moth of her video is as well protagonist of this poetic reality as emblematic guardian animal of the winter garden. Moon moths, animals of the dark and the woods, are falling into a state of rapture as soon as the light of the moonshine touches them. We learn at school that the moon does not glow from the inside but the sun is shining on it. This seems not to concern the moon moth, the light of the satellite is exactly of the texture that makes its wings dance.

The drawing which is juxtaposed to the felt sculptures of the artist hold a connection between the different elements of the exhibition, they refer to a basic hypothesis in the work of Johanna Unzueta; the skeletal structure of the things, behind the wall of the objective reality, is actually always the same. It only needs to be uncovered and made visible. In the most banal things of every day life, faucets, tube systems, cups, industrial buildings, milk kettle or pickaxe it surfaces and has only to be perceived. The materiality of the reality and the essence of the truth behind the truth are connected, with the means of art we can apprehend the knots.