¿Qué es Tazos?

Tazos is a two-person band created in 1995 by Diego Fernández and Felipe Mujica in Santiago de Chile.

Tazos uses all kind of instruments and found sounds to create diverse and surreal ambient-rock themes.

Always improvising (accepting and challenging their non-musical education) tazos started to play in Diego's house and since then has always recorded their sessions with a tape recorder.

After a year of home-made-jam sessions Tazos decided to launch their first home made cassette, on an limited and ordered edition.

JPN (jovenes promesas nacionales = young national promises) was their debut.

Tazos second homemade tape was called HEDIONDISSIMO (Europe Tour 1996), and was made after traveling 2 months in Europe (winter 1996).

Tazos third tape was called NAVIDAD CON TAZOS, an homenage to Christmas, made in 1998.

After moving to New York in early 2000 Tazos started producing home made CD's.

Tazos re-issued all previous tapes on CD (which where and are still given away to anybody interested) and later produced its forth "cd album", SUCD, in 2001.

After a short break (2-3 years?) Tazos recored several new sessions, which include PAPAS FRITAS, HOMENAGE TO PENTAGRAM and most importantly...

Tazos produced its Vinyl compilation titled FROTA FROTA, in an edition of 300, in 2005.

Tazos has only had two live concerts and one vinyl release-destroy performance.

Tazos sound has evolved and transformed and keeps transforming from folk rock to povera rock to cheap electronica to metal to lo-fi to ambient, and all together combined.